Bespoken Live is a non-profit arts organization in Cincinnati, OH that believes crafted storytelling has the unique ability to spark and outbreak of hope.



Every month, we round up a group of 100+ people for a storytelling experience.

Each show has a different four-letter word (RISK, HERO, KISS, etc) that a curated group of 2-6 storytellers use as the theme/inspiration for personal stories. Their stories have no agenda other than sparking hope & understanding. Typically, this is followed by a reflection/meditation and a chance for you to connect with a stranger or even a close friend in a way that you would never expect.

After a long week of work, Bespoken Live refills your tank in a deep way.


Hosted by Brad Wise and Ryan Eten, our podcast shares and discuss the stories told live at our events. Subscribe via iTunes or Soundcloud.

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Brad Wise, the Executive Director of Bespoken Live and Chief Creative Officer at Rebel Pilgrim, teaches 3-hour workshops on the Five Story Foundations that he’s fine-tuned over his career as a designer, screenwriter, and producer. For more info go to